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We are two brothers passionate about computer programming.

We develop projects together and each of us on our own. Our dream is to find a company that needs proactive programmers eager to improve their skills and spend time developing projects with emerging technologies. We deeply care about quality, and we want to make sure that our projects live up to our client’s expectations.

  • Free Open Source Software
    We come from the Open source school and we actively create and contribute to Open Source Projects as you can see in our github.com/ggerman and github.com/juanfgs
  • Innovation and growth
    Our long-term dream is to create an innovative software development team which works in a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere. We live in a region where constant update takes place, as there are important training centres nearby. This steady process has helped us gain the experience to identify talented programmers and help them along their learning process incorporating them to our team.”
  • Experience and diversity
    We have considerable expertise in diverse technologies; from web directories for business, e-commerce projects, Asterisk(VoIP) embedded devices, servers and many other types of applications. This expertise is the product of 12 Years of work for many companies across the world including Usa, Canada, China, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil.
  • Quality and good practices
    We love the understandable code, the use of standards and the good programming practices.

Our Methodologies.

Our methodologies vary from one project to another. We use design patterns when necessary, produce code documentation, and incorporate the best developing practices in each case.


We code the best solution for each project that comes to us


Provide solution based on your requirements.

Predictability of outcome

Each project must be thought in a way our customer knows how and when they’ll have visible results (We accomplish planned deadlines).

Create definitive solutions

Solve each problem using all the resources to avoid future problems


Work in an enjoyable environment.

Our goal

We seek to establish a long term relationship with our customers, bringing their projects to success.

Help new developers in our region to exploit their potential

Create standard compliant solutions

Contribute to the Free Software and Open Source communities


Software solutions and programming services .

We develop solutions taking advantage of each platform proficiency. Most of our code is written in PHP, Ruby and Google's Go, but we're also eager to learn other interesting technologies during the development of a project.

Our development servers and workstations are powered by Open Source technologies, we prefer to keep our work environment as close as possible to the production environment.

Our Technologies

This is us!

This is the team behind EosWeb


Juan Francisco Giménez Silva


Hi! I'm Juan! I've worked with Linux systems and web development since 2006. I like to make emphasis in code-correctness and orderly design. I like projects that offer new and interesting challenges and which allow me to learn new things along the way.

German avatar

Germán Alberto Giménez Silva


Hi! I’m Germán! I develop applications since 2001. My greatest experience is the development of web sites and the Linux systems administration. Eos Web is the ideal place where I have the possibility to put into practice all my knowledge and passion about programming.

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Our latest Works

Our passion for what we do transfers into our works

We’re proud of our work, and we keep on working to improve and bring better solutions to our customers. Here are some of our previous works.

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RealFeel E Cig
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Mission Machines
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Portfolio 18
HNS Official Shopcart
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Portfolio 02
NuLife Vitamins
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Continental Dating
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