Solid tools, to solve important problems.

Ruby, Python, Google's Go, PHP and their most powerful frameworks power our work, and allow us to develop backend solutions in short time.

Why EosWeb

We see programming as an art which takes time and effort to learn. We're looking for a company interested in working with proactive developers with emphasis in code correctness and modern technologies.


Databases are the backbone of every system, a solid yet adaptable infrastructure is the key for a stable website. We use PostgreSQL and MySQL to deliver the best experience to you and your customers at all times.

Free Open Source Software

We embrace Free and Open Source software, from GNU/Linux systems to frameworks and programming languages we make use of the best tools that the FOSS community provides. We seek to give back to the community as much as possible participating in events and sharing our code and knowledge.


We have more than 15 years of experience working with eCommerce solutions. We can bring your storefront to the internet using the best solutions available: from Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop to custom made solutions. Integrating product feeds, payment and shipping platforms to your website in no time.

Debian & Red Hat

We administrate Red Hat and Debian based systems. We have vast knowledge about system administration on both platforms, which are the leading solutions on the market.

Test Driven Development

We believe test coverage is of utmost importance on any software project, we favor the use of TDD in all our solutions to provide the most solid experience to you and your customers.

Internet of Things

Smart businesses are in need of smart devices, at Eos Web we develop cost-effective IoT solutions that bring the power of the internet to your office. Using Micropython we create incredible devices that.

Python, Ruby, and more

The best programming language? All of them! We understand that each language has it's strengths so we use the best tools for the job. From Python, Ruby and Go to Javascript we seek to deliver complete and efficient solutions to our customers.

Our Latest Projects

Our Customers

Mision Machines

Founded in 2010, Mission Machines has made a name for itself with state of the art products like miDoor, a revolutionary new Internet-enabled device that allows users to remotely view their garage door and open or close it with any smart device. They are also creators of the smart all-in-one office solution Z-60, a VoIP phone system for small and mid-sized businesses.


We buid Operating System with Debian and FreePBX (Asterisk) custom configuration platform on this device. With full voicemail support, PBX control panel and root control panel.

NU Life

We believe health is unique and attainable for everyone. Whether you are a new mom, or newly retired, our goal is to help you embrace your healthiest life through proven, high quality therapeutics expertly formulated by a naturopathic doctor to help you reach your specific health goals.

Modules Created: E-xact Payment Gateway. Development: Magento Commerce, Gateway Payment, Server Configuration and Mainteinance.

Telco Depot

Expert Phone Systems Providers for Small and Large Business.

Development: Website, Mainteinanice, Internal Application development. Magento Commerce, Zencart, Mysql, jQuery, PHP, Ruby.

Studio 98

Imagine Retailer combines all the great tools and technology to easily open an online store to help you sell more products!

Best Web Design

Our websites are built on top of a powerful backend which ensures flexibility and extensibility. We always keep the future in mind.


Development Service


Forziani is an ethically conscious jewelry brand fusing Western Chic with Eastern traditions. Our jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner strength and then project it outwards with confidence and determination. Always be pointing North.

Development; Magento Commerce.

Solutions and services.

We develop solutions taking advantage of each platform proficiency. Most of our code is written in PHP, Ruby, Python and Google's Go, but we're also eager to learn other interesting technologies during the development of a project.

Design Process

Plain and simple

Technology Adoption

Development Process


Web Development

We build World-Class websites and portals.

Plain and simple: How do we do it? We have the best of both worlds UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) front-end specialists, as well as geeks that can make any custom functionality a reality. Our websites look great, are easy to navigate, are fully responsive (work well on any type of device), and most importantly functionally they do their job.

Design Process: Our Award-Winning design and UX/UI teams work hand in hand to create beautiful and intuitive web interfaces. We start the process by understanding your product, industry and your specific situation and requirements.

Development Process: Each client is unique, and each website we create is a unique piece of art and technology. However, we also understand that leveraging existing software makes the process more affordable and secure. Depending on the application and your requirements, we work with most moderm open-source CMS and e-Commerce platforms.

We can accommodate projects with even most complicated and imaginative functionality. We have experience in developing simple and very complicated websites, ranging from lead gathering landing pages, corporate sites to even large scale social networks. If it can be done, we can definitely help you do it. As with any other software, we employ Agile methodology in our Web Development process to assure highest quality and timeliness of delivey. All websites are tested rigorously according to our Quality Checklists to make sure they fully conform to your expectations.

Mobile Development

The message is plain and simple:

if your business depends on internet traffic, having a mobile version of your website or a mobile application is no longer optional or a luxury.

Eos Web Development expertise extends into mobile realm, in both, mobile website and native application development.

Mobile Websites: We are experts in design and development of beautiful mobile-friendly websites, and interfaces. Adding responsiveness to your website (making it appear correctly on the mobile device), although sufficient for simple projects, is not always the right answer. Designing and development of mobile-friendly website should include many questions, such as content layout and importance, marketing message, desired user behavior, website's core functionality, etc. In many cases design and development of a dedicated mobile user interface is a must.

Each website developed at Eos Web Development has a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through the process and make sure your project is delivered to your expectations.

Native Application Development: Native mobile applications allow for increased functionality and user engagement, as compared to mobile websites. Examples of additional options include data storage, synchronization, backups, location services, image manipulation, gaming, just to name a few. The success of your mobile application in the global app market, dominated by Apple Store and Google Play, depends heavily on great UX/UI design, and it's core functionality. Simply put it must stand out among your competitors.

Mobile Websites

Responsive design


Native Application







Server Network Design and Administration

Eos Web Development Remote Administration Services provide real time administration of your network servers, including: dedicated web and database servers, domain controllers, active directory servers, e-mail servers, FTP servers, load balancers, network switches, as well as cloud server and computing infrastructure.

  • Network Design and Implementation: Proper network design and implementation should address stability, security, scalability, and performance of your network. Our system administrators are experts in designing server infrastructure that will address your specific needs, and provide the highest level of network performance. We have experience in design and implementation of web, database and application networks, including use of virtual, dedicated, and cloud-based solutions. We will guide you through the process: from requirements gathering, through network design, to final implementation and optimization.
  • Network Monitoring and System Administration Services: Our server administrators are Linux and Windows certified, and can work with any modern server operating system. Ongoing server monitoring and administration is a crucial component of security, longevity, and performance of your application. Eos Web Development provides a complete remote administration solution that allows us to remotely interact with the servers on your network, and perform full monitoring and administration tasks.

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